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Early Church Fathers The views of the earliest Christian pastors and martyrs are usually either ignored or held in contempt by modern theologians. Yet, their close proximity to the Apostles, in some cases being students of the Apostles, ought to outweigh the credentials of modern theologians, scholars, and self-appointed prophecy experts.

Answers in Revelation is committed to restoring the earliest Christian eschatology, because the primitive view is the pristine view, uncorrupted by 2000 years of theological baggage. These views included the following points:

1. that man will live under the curse for exactly six-thousand years. At the end of this period, Christ will return, restore Jerusalem and the whole earth, and resurrect the righteous who will then reign with Him on earth over the remaining nations for a thousand years.

2. that christians will endure the entire 7 year tribulation, referred to as Daniel's 70th week; that two witnesses will proclaim repentance for the first 3.5 years; that the end-time Antichrist will commit the "abomination of desolation" in the rebuilt Temple in Jerusalem, and will persecute Chrsitians for the last 3.5 years.

3. that Christians need to prepare spiritually for the battle ahead, which Satan will rage for their souls.

4. that the hope of an inheritance with God is based squarely on the Abrahamic Land promise; that Christians will inherit the earth in the Kingdom to come.

The articles below contain many quotations from the earliest Christians on these subjects.

1. On Historic Premillennialism - 6000 years + Millennial Sabbath (Chiliasm)
2. On End Time Events - Daniel's 70th Week, Antichrist, Temple
3. On Facing Antichrist - Christian Preparation for the Tribulation
4. On the Inheritance - The Kingdom fulfills the Abrahamic Covenant

For a well documented history of early Christian eschatology, and how it degraded into the two common views held today (amillennialism and dispensationalism), see my book, The TIME of the END.

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