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Will Christians go through the Tribulation?

RaptureThe timing of the 'rapture' is a divisive and contentious subject in the world of Evangelical Christianity. Churches typically do not like controversy, and will do much to avoid it altogether. Evangelical churches in the United States seem to fall largely into two camps, being either staunchly pretribulational, or avoiding the subject altogether. The former group typically considers no other view worthy of investigation. The latter group seems to think eschatology is too complicated for Christians to be bothered with, and completely unnecessary to the Christian life. If you are becoming increasingly anxious about the gathering storm clouds, and are seeking more satisfying answers than your church provides, you have come to the right place. Here you will find in-depth resources, a proper handling of the Scriptures, and a presentation of the eschatology of the earliest Christians.

A Warning to Pastors Unfaithful Shepherds (Audio)

When is the Rapture? Introduction

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According to the early Christian Martyrs: The End Time Events | Preparing to Face Antichrist

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Warner - Couch Debate

Historic Premillennialism (Chiliasm) vs. Dispensationalism

Dr. Mal Couch was a past president of Tyndale Theological Seminary, and member of Tim LaHaye's "Pretrib Research Group."

I. Dichotomy or Continuity Between the Present and Past Dispensations
Opening Argument Tim Warner - (08-07-02)
Rebuttal Mal Couch - (08-19-02)
Response Tim Warner - (08-22-02)
Closing Statement Mal Couch - (09-19-02)

II. The Nature of the Kingdom in Both Testaments
Opening Argument Mal Couch - (09-26-02)
Rebuttal Tim Warner - (10-01-02)
Response Mal Couch - (12-05-02)
Closing Statement Tim Warner - (12-16-02)

Dr. Couch has withdrawn from the debate, and the entire debate has been removed from the Tyndale Theological Seminary website.