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Biblical Chronology With all of the world-wide turmoil today, people are increasingly asking, When is the end of the world (or end of the age) that Jesus and the prophets predicted? Can we really know in time to prepare ourselves? When Jesus said, "No man knows," did He mean no one knew then? Or no one would ever know until it happens? Daniel was told that the time when Christ's Kingdom would come was "sealed up until the time of the end." When revealed, "the wise will understand," but the wicked "will continue to do wickedly."

The earliest Christians taught that Jesus would return to earth to establish His Kingdom in the 6000th year from creation. The New Testament books of Hebrews and 2 Peter confirm that this was later apostolic teaching. All that is necessary to know the year of Christ's return is to know what year we are currently in on the biblical calendar.

God has provided in His Word two witnesses, two calendars which confirm each other. These two calendars tell us precisely the number of years from creation until Jesus returns to establish His Kingdom on earth. All of the data necessary for constructing a complete chronology, including the time from Jesus' crucifixion to His second coming, is in the Bible.

1. The Millennial-Week Calendar divides human history into a "week" of seven millennia (7,000 years). The first 6 "days" (6,000 years) man lives under the curse. The 7th millennium is the "Seventh Day" and "Sabbath Rest" (Heb. 4:4-9) which is Christ's reign over the nations from Jerusalem.
2. The Jubilee Calendar divides God's struggle with the human race into 120 fifty-year cycles (these are luni-solar years, beginning in September). This also equals 6,000 years.

The Bible contains everything necessary to establish a complete chronology from creation until the second coming. Not only can we know when Jesus will return, end-time pastors are commanded by Jesus to discover the time and prepare the flock under their care. Tim Warner's book, The TIME of the END, contains over 350 pages of original research and over 500 footnotes. It presents this chronology in detail, with many charts and diagrams for a much more detailed study. The chronology presented in The TIME of the END is consistent with Young Earth Creationism as defended by Creation ministries such as Creation Ministries International and Answers in Genesis.

Dr. Leslie McFall, a biblical scholar (Cambridge, UK) who rejects this young-earth model, and whose career is characterized by trying to harmonize the Hebrew Scriptures with the much longer secular chronology, has written a very negative critique of The TIME of the END. His critique can be read below along with Tim Warner's rebuttals in 5 parts. The reader should be aware that Tim Warner has challenged Dr. McFall to publically debate the length of the Babylonian Exile and desolation of the Temple (Warner-70 years / McFall-50 years). Dr. McFall has declined the invitation.

Critique of The TIME of the END
by Dr. Leslie McFall | Website

Response to Critique by Tim Warner
1. The Genealogies of Moses
2. Abraham to the Exodus
3. The 50-Year Jubilee Cycle
4. The Problem of Daniel's 70 Weeks
5. Jerusalem's 70-Year Desolation

Creation Ministry Resources that Refute Dr. McFall's Claims
1. Are There Gaps in the Genesis Genealogies?
by Larry Pierce and Ken Ham
2. The Times of the 'Great Kings' of Persia
by Dr. Charles V. Taylor
3. 80 Year Error / Darius is Artaxerxes
By David Austin

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Articles and audios contain a brief overview of some topics covered in the book

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Bible Chronology Power Point Presentation by Anders Gärdeborn

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